Interactive map and real-time tracking

CartographieWhere will they go? Where are they now?

Click on this link : and get the interactive map of the planed route as well as the real-time tracking (positioning) of the wheelchair-skating group.

Let’s review some of the functions and information available…

Note: When first accessing this page, you will be asked whether to allow your own location to be known to the system.  This is useful to locate yourself with respect to the planned route and the group’s position.  This information remains on your terminal, it is not communicated back by our website to the host server.


Here’s the overview of the screen, with the planned route, each day in its own colour.

Also displayed here are the overnight locations; black lines depict the coach transfers that will get us every morning to restart the skate route at the point we left it at the end of the previous day (and back to our overnight location for a well-deserved rest in the evening!)…

The map selection button,  top-right corner will let you select your preference, among :

  • “Cycle” (default map) : this map is intended for cycle tourism, it displays among other things the main bicycle paths, water fountains, etc…
  • “Street” : road map
  • “Outdoors” : map intended for outdoors sports, emphasizes topography, slopes, etc
  • “Satellite” : aerial photography views

Right below, the zoom control buttons + and – (you may also zoom in/out as usual, with 2-fingers on your smartscreen or your mouse wheel on a computer).  As you zoom in, you may see more detailed information “markers” along the route:

Route information, targeted to the group staff
Vehicle information véhicules, for support vehicle drivers
Pit-stop (drink, eat, rest a bit)
Lunch break
Wheelchair-accessible toilets

Of course, you can pan left/right/up/down on the map by mouse or finger gestures.

Next button below (target) centers the map; each consecutive pressure cycles throught the following states:

  • (default) : map covers the whole Défi route, from Geneva to Lyon
  • map inclues both the Défi route and the user’s own position
  • map centers and zooms onto the user’s own position

(This button is obviously ineffective if your position is unknown or if you denied access to it)

Real-time tracking

During each day on the Défi, the wheelchair-skating group (as well as the support vehicles) will report its position, and it will be displayed semi-real-time on the map (there will be a slight technical lag, normally less than 5 minutes).

On this screenshot, you see the planned route (in green here, along the river), with km markers (yellow pin every 1km, red pin every 5km).

Also shown, starting from the bottom:

  • Location of one of the support vehicles.  Note that here, this marker is grey on faded orange, as the reported location is slightly “stale” (was measured more than 10 minutes ago).
  • The checkered flag shows the starting point of the day route.
  • A few orange points keep track of the past locations of the skating group.
  • The most recent location of the group is shown by the orange marker with the Mobile en Ville logo.
    If this location was “stale” (more than 10 minutes ago), it would show in faded colors like that of the vehicle.
  • Your own location (if you allowed access) is displayed as a red circle (here partially covered by the group’s location marker)

Click on the markers to access some useful details, like the precise time of location recording, and the latitude/longitude data which you can copy/paste into another system, like Google Maps, for example.


  • The planned route is indicative.  Circumstances may have us deviate or change as necessary.
  • Reported locations sometimes lack precision (as seen on the screenshot above, the initial ones near the starting point kind of wander around, before they stabilize along the planned track by the river), depending on GPS signal quality
  • Location reporting is semi-real-time, a new location is normally sent at least every 5 minutes.  Internet connection coverate and other issues may delay the reports or even stop them alltogether. If the latest displayed location is older than 10 minutes ago, the marker colors are faded out to indicate the situation.