Overnight locations

Picto HébergementHere we are, our overnight accomodations have been pre-booked !

Early decision had been made that on this Challenge, we would stay at facilities such as vacation centers or youth hotels. This decision was driven by two goals: ensure proper comfort and rest for all (particularly our wheelchair users), and put to the test the quality of collective accomodation premises in terms of handicap accessibility,

The search was somewhat difficult, as facilities with sufficient numbers of accessible beds are still relatively few and far between.  This was not unexpected to us, so we had planned early on to spend a couple of nights in each location.  Advantage: better rest and less hassle by not having to move in every evening and move out every morning.  Counterpart: we will have coach tranfers every evening to get to our overnight place, and every morning to return on the Challenge road, at the spot where we finished the day before.

Without further ado, here is what our “overnights” team has selected for us:

  • D0, D1 (sunday, monday) evenings : Domaine de Maravant in Thollon les Mémises (group vacation center)
    We know the place well as we already stayed there, and appreciated the warm and efficient welcome of the team, as well as the quality of the accomodation and its wheelchair accessibility.
  • D2, D3, D4 (tuesday, wednesday, thursday) evenings : Les Balcons d’Aix in la Féclaz (vacation residence)
    Well located around our trip’s mid-way, in the heights overlooking Chambéry.  We are booking a group of appartments (4 to 6 beds each, some with wheelchair-accessible installations) and will have access to a large meeting room.
  • D5, D6 (friday, saturday) evenings : Ethic Etapes in Lyon (international youth hostel)
    Very close to the center of the City, collective bedrooms with good wheelchair accessibility.

Maravant Balcons d'AixEthic Etapes CISL Lyon

parcours avec hébergements

Thanks to Elsa & Ivan for this amazing piece of preparation work !